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Our project

Our project

Hi guys, it’s Maddalena, I’m Neapolitan, and I studied English and Spanish at university. I have always had a strong enthusiasm for studing languages, and in particular, I really like learning new things (words, custorms, habits…) from people that belong to different cultures. For this reason travelling and turism are my biggest passions; in all my past work experiences, related to tourism, I’ve always appreciated the interaction with people, and the energy that this could give me. Another passion that characterizes me is a strong love for my city Naples and a big desire to let other people know about its beautiful places, its secrets and its strong cultural roots, and I felt like I could be useful for someone who was interested in visiting it. For this reason my brother and I decided to create the Touristinnaples project, and combining together our different interests we gave life to it.  

We believe Touristinnaples to be a useful way to visit Naples and Campania region because our advice are those of locals that always have a deeper knowledge of the place they live. The authentic identity of our project is that all the information that we give you are advice of real Neapolitans, that know very well their city, and in particular know all the little tips that could do the difference in your experience in Naples.

This is our purpose; telling you about the history, food, art and wonderful places of our city Naples through our videos and articles. A city characterized by such an incredible quantity of attractions that you can not miss!
As the German poet, J.W.V. Goethe, said “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” (see Naples and then die)

We are ready to show you the places of the city and of the islands, the tastes of the Neapolitan cooking, the cultural and artistic heritage, and the secrets of our city, sharing your feedbacks in order to improve the experiences of tourists in Naples.

And you? Are you ready?


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