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Guys, when you are in Naples be ready to put on weight!

The Napolitan cooking is the result of a mix of different gastronomic traditions such as the Greek, the Roman ones and of the French and Spanish ones. We don’t have to forget that these two nations had dominated the city for cenuries so that they influenced different aspects of it.

In this culinary scenario some pastries distinguish themselves for being very tasty. Have you ever heard about the Sfogliatella”? It is a delicious pastry filled with whipped cream or a special custard mixture. The “Sfogliatella” (in NeapolitanA’ Sfugliatella”) is considered a symbol of the city and Neapolitans love eating it

What is the origin of this delicious pastry? The sfogliatella was born in the XVIII century, in the Santa Rosa da Lima monastry, near Amalfi. It was born by chance: in the kitchen of the monastry there was a bit of semolina left over, so that some dry fruit, sugar and limoncello were added to it, this filling was put in some puff pastry, and the pastry was created! It immediately became famous in the monastry. In the 1818, the Neapolitan pastry man Pasquale Pintauro discovered the monastry recipe, and took it to Naples where it had become famous.

If you travel to Naples you can find two different versions of this delicious pastry; the “Riccia” one, similar to a shell, where the crust is very crunchy while the filling is smooth, and the “Frolla” one where the crust and the filling inside are both soft.

They are very cheap pastries, the price can vary from 1.20€ – 2.00€, and they are irresistible!

We advise you to eat this pastry in one of the most typical and oldest pastry shop of the city “Fratelli Attanasio” situated 8 mins walking from the central train station (GARIBALDI).

Try the Sfogliatella and let the carbs entering into your body!


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