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Guys, Pizza is something that we take seriously in Naples! If you travel here you must eat it!

In our city Pizza tastes great! Are you asking yourselves why? Well, Naples is its birth place, so  when you try a Neapolitan pizza you are basically tasting the authentic one. The Neapolitan version of pizza has a really thin and soft dough, and in particular, all the ingredients that compose it, come from our region (Campania), such as tomatoes, oil and Mozzarella cheese, so that the dish is always fresh, healthy and of course delicious!

Now let’s explain a little bit of history:

In the 1880, the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito opened the first pizzeria in Naples and in the world, that made famous two versions of pizza; the Margherita and the Marinara ones, but lots of people have discussed about the origin of the name of this dish. As a matter of fact there is a legend that narrates that pizza Margherita was named like this because it received the Queen Margherita Teresa di Savoia’s approval, who asked to try it when she came to Naples after the unification of Italy (in 1881).

Queen Margherita chose the Raffaele Esposito’s pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil, three ingredients, that have the colors of the Italian flag (green, white and red). After this episode the name Margherita was given to the pizza

Now, all you need to know about pizza is that it’s a really cheap dish, as a matter of fact its price can vary from 5€ to 7€, depending on the pizzeria you choose.

Being the birth place of pizza you can find so many pizzerias in Naples, so you could be a little confused on which one to choose, we advise you to go to the oldest ones, these are Pizzeria Starita, Pizzeria Da Michele, Pizzeria Sorbillo and Pizzeria 50 Kalò, no matter which one you choose you will be impressed by the taste!

So all you need to know now is to sit and let the carbs entering into your body, and don’t forget to take a photo!


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