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If you google “Nisida” the first thing that will appear to you is that it’s an impregnable place because there is a prison for minors.  
So why do we think it’s worth it to be visited?

Before anwering the question the first thing you need to know is that Nisida is a volcanic island, and it is located in an area of Naples called Coroglio. Nisida belongs to the Flegree Islands Archipilago, this one includes other island such as Ischia, Procida, Vivara and, indeed Nisida.

As we were just saying the island is impregnable; when Neapolitans say “go to see/ visit Nisida” we mean the View point where you can see and amire it, and we don’t refer to the visit of the prison. If you are aking to yourselves why should you admire an impregnable island where there is a prison for minors, it’s a legitimate question if you heven’t watched our video yet, Nisida is a wonderful place! 

From the view point you will see a landscape that will leave you with no words, and above all, if it is possible for you,  we advise you to see the sunset there, the orange shades of the sun mix with the color of the sea and the result is speechless!

Furthermore if you are interested in culture and mithology you should know that Nisida is considered  the place of the Homeric tradition known as “l’isoletta delle capre” (the goats island) where Ulysses protected himself from the cyclops’ town.

To reach the View point we advise you to go by car.

Take a camera with you because you will take beautiful pics! 



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