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Guys, would you like to visit the most beautiful and romantic promenade of the world? It’s situated in Naples and its name is Mergellina. It is an area of Naples, situated in Chiaia and stands at the foot of Posillipo Hill.  

This place is considered as the “Naples’ face”; the colors of the sea and the sky, with their blue shades, mix so good together that the result seems a postcard!

According to somebody the name Mergellina comes from “mergoglino” (that means water bird), while others believe that the word comes from the Latin word “mare ialinum”, that means clear and tranparent water. Others interpretations affirm that the word Mergellina comes from the tardo-latin word “margella” that literally means sea of coral.  

If you are thinking about travelling to Naples, Mergellina must be in your to do list because it is a miracle of the nature, it is situated in “Lungomare di Napoli”, a long street (about 3 km) that coasts the sea, starting from Santa Lucia, passing by Mergellina, and finishing in Caracciolo street. It’s a very fascinating place also considered one of the symbols of the city, it is also very romantic visiting this place by night because you can admire the landscape full of lights and the volcano (Vesuvius) on the horizon. We advise you to eat a pizza there, you will find a lot of restaurants and pizzerias, and you can eat a really tasty pizza enjoying the landscape in front of you.  

Mergellina is considered as one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world for this reason you can not miss it, you must visit it when you travel to Naples!

We advise the longer itinerary to get there, so that, by walking, you can admire the other beauties of the city, take the line 1 metro and get off in Toledo, walk to Plebiscito Square, and take the left street of the square, and from there you will find the Promenade.


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