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Gaiola Island

Gaiola Island

Guys, Gaiola Island is a Neapolitan paradise!

Gaiola Island is one of the minor islands of Naples, it stands within the ‘Underwater Park of Gaiola,’ a protected marine reserve. Actually it’s a pair of small islands that turns out to be just one, with two huge rocks connected by very a thin stone arch. It is situated in Posillipo and it extend itself from the “Baia Trentaremi” until the “Borgo di Marechiaro”. Its pecularity is that of being an underwater archeological area, in which there are vulcanologist, archeological and biological elements. As a matter of facts,at the sea bottom there are a lot of ruins and archeological evidences, for example you can visit the remains of the Imperial Villa of Pausilypon, that belonged to the Roman knight Publio Vedio Pollione, that later became the Augusto’s imperial residence and all his successors’.

You can even visit Gaiola island by boat, you can snorkel very close by the “Underwater Park of Gaiola,

https://www.areamarinaprotettagaiola.it/ here you can find all the itineraries and tours that you can do.

How to get to the Underwater Park of Gaiola? The best way if you have no car is by bus, take the  140 from Mergellina, or the C1 from Fuorigrotta, while if you rent a car you can go until “Gaiola downhill”, park the car there and then walk by the downhill staircase that leads to the island.

Gaiola island is a magic place; Some scholars believe that Virgil, one of Rome’s greatest poets, taught there.

What you don’t know about the island is that there is a legend that consideres it a “cursed island “, which with its beauty hides a “restless fate” , the “Gaiola Malediction.” This reputation developed from the frequent misfortunes and premature deaths in the families of its 20th century owners.
For this reason now, the island is a property of the government of the Campania region. For the bravest Gaiola is an interesting challenge, this place is so fascinating and charming; it seems worth the risk of a curse!
If you are planning to visit Naples you can add a little dose of esotericism in your trip.
You definitely cannot miss it! 


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